Smart IT Training: January Lunch and Learn Webinars

Get free productivity and office training! Join us each Friday for an informative half hour focusing on the skills you need to compete in the fast changing world of information technology and computer skills.

Grab your lunch and join Nextrio’s smart IT training webinars from the comfort of your own desk. We’ll teach you how to get the most out of the applications you use most.

Webinars are free each Friday from 12:30pm-1:00pm, but space is limited! Request a registration invitation today for the sessions you would like to attend! Call 520-519-6304 or email today!

Upcoming Webinars

January 3 – Windows 8.1: Get Started… without a Start Button!
So, you did it… Got a new PC with Windows 8.  So where do you start?  Literally, where do you start?  The new Windows has so many great improvements but, people can be confused by the new navigation and the lack of the familiar Start Button on which they have relied since “the very beginning”.  Get started right with Windows 8 and learn to enjoy it for the impressive things it has to offer.  We’ll start you gently and you’ll start being able to enjoy your fast new computer with these easy tips!

January 10 – Office 2013 Forecast:  Cloudy, with a very big chance of collaboration!
Office 2013 takes the best of 2007/2010 and makes Office even better.  The secret sauce is the cloud and the cloud will change how you work and play, not in the future but, RIGHT NOW.  Real time collaboration is “where it’s at” and smart people are there waiting for you.  We’ll help you leave the fog and find the silver linings of cloud collaboration with Office 2013!

January 17 – Working with Office Web Apps
Learn to use Office Web Apps for basic document creation, simple editing, group collaboration and sharing.  All you need is an internet connected device with a browser.  Don’t have Microsoft Office?  No problem.  Office Web Apps are free and able to do all of the above activities and more!  Work from your iPad, iPhone, Android tablet or smartphone.  Free yourself and save money too!

January 24 – Google Apps: Who Needs A Desktop?
Google Apps are free to use on any device with an internet connection and a browser.  Word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, surveys, drawings and more.  Learn to use Google Apps for all your office productivity needs.  After all, if a company as large and successful as Google can run their entire company with Google Apps, maybe you can too!

January 31 – Basic Data Analysis in Excel!
Learn to use an Excel spreadsheet for basic data analysis in Excel. Turn hundreds of columns or rows of data into meaningful results with a few clicks.  The automatic features in both basic tables and PivotTables make short work of long spreadsheets. We’ll also learn to use the new Quick Data Analysis feature in Excel 2013. It all adds up to a “must attend” webinar session.

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