Nextrio Finalist for BBB Ethics Award

May 12, 2011

By Alex Dalenberg, Arizona Daily Star

Nine local businesses were honored Thursday by the Better Business Bureau of Southern Arizona at the organization’s annual Torch Awards, which were expanded this year to include more small businesses.

In addition to its annual Ethics Award, the BBB added two award categories this year, the Good Neighbor Award for community service and the Customer Excellence Award for customer service.

Bureau president Kim States said the awards were expanded to recognize smaller “Mom and Pop” businesses that may not have been able to participate in the lengthy application process for the Ethics Award.

“We really wanted to recognize more awesome small businesses that contribute a lot to our community,” States said.

This year’s award winners were:

  • Green Valley Cooling and Heating, which won the Ethics Award.  Nextrio and Tucson Coin and Autograph LLC were also finalists.
  • Raskob Kambourian Financial Advisors, which won the Good Neighbor Award.  National Bank of Arizona and 911 Collision Centers were also finalists.
  • Milex Auto Service Centers, which won the Customer Excellence Award.  Temco Air Environmental and Quik Mart were also finalists.

Information technology is an industry that has for the past 20 years been rapidly growing and evolving.  Tucson-based Nextrio has not only been able to keep pace with the growth of the industry, they’ve been able to distinguish themselves as one of Southern Arizona’s premier IT providers.  They’ve done this by providing top-notch service, and by earning their clients’ trust while holding themselves to the highest possible ethical standards.

Nextrio has built their business on trust.  Their clients trust that they are advocating for their technical business interests; their employees thrust the company will support and reward them for outstanding work.  Nextrio’s vendors, partners, and suppliers trust that they will be transparent and forthright in all their business dealings.

By always putting themselves in their clients’’ shoes during interactions with customers, Nextrio has successfully crafted a business model that leaves clients satisfied, and employees feeling  like they’ve been able to help someone.

Nextrio’s staff deals with some of their clients’ most sensitive issues – from human resources issues to financial disclosures – and it’s imperative that the company employ the utmost discretion with their clients’’ information.  The company believes that a true ethical compass is engaged in both public and private, and should serve as a guide in every business decision.

As one of Arizona’s leading IT providers, Nextrio takes pride in being  a beacon of ethical excellence to other companies in their industry, and looks forward to providing high=-value services to Southern Arizona for years to come.



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