Wearable Tech: A Fashion Statement That Will Improve Your Business

Virtual reality in the office

Technology has become part of our everyday lives. From our phones and Bluetooth headphones, all the way down to our smart watches and Fitbits. According to MarketWatch, the wearable device market is expected to exceed $51.5 Billion by 2022. Wearable technology is any electronic device that can be worn on the body. This includes: smart glasses, smart watches, smart clothing, and so much more. As the technology industry continues to take the world by storm, businesses are starting to learn how to play in the cloud.

Here are three ways that wearable technology is improving the workplace:

1. Increased Productivity

Wearable devices help increase productivity across a variety of industries. Car dealerships are slowly rolling out smart glasses to assist technicians with accessing part numbers. Real estate companies are using virtual reality to show customers how their newly built home will look once completed. Organizations performing manual labor are using exoskeletons to help employees distribute weight across their entire body, preventing injury. Smart watches are keeping every day employees on track and in the loop as they easily communicate on the go.

2. Real Time Data

Wearable tech provides employers with real time data such as location, time tracking, and health statistics. Real time location and time tracking benefits supply chain and logistics, as well as other departments across organizations, and using real time data is helping companies cut down production times and keep employees efficient.

3. Employee Satisfaction

Many employees are eager and excited to implement new technology. Not only does this help them in their role, but these devices also provide them a better work-life balance. For example, many smart watches help track fitness and health goals; furthermore, you are able to create reminders to stand up and stretch. This feature is especially useful for users who sit at a computer most of the day. Additionally, health statistics are assisting with stress management. By allowing employees to use these devices for their health, businesses are winning with happier and healthier workers.

As wearables become more prevalent in the workplace, we are going to see a shift from bring your own device to work to wear your own device to work.

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