Remote Workforce Templates

Wherever you decide to work, Nextrio will get you ready for IT!

Transitioning to a remote workforce can be difficult. You’re not in this alone!

As your IT partner and advisor, Nextrio can help make sure your team overcomes the technical challenges of working remotely so your operations can continue. Below you will find templates that we have used to make this process easier.


Technology Templates:

These documents will help you close gaps between your company’s IT hardware/software and the employee’s home office setup.

Home Office Spreadsheet  (Excel File)

Sample Home Office survey  (Survey Monkey)


Staffing Templates: 

This document will help you outline what is considered “essential”, “discretionary” and “non-essential”  on a department-by-department and role-by-role basis. 

Essential Job Functions template (Word Doc)


Communication Templates:

Communication is key during this time. The below documents will help you communicate with your team.

Message template for your team (Word Doc)

Sample letter for employees you can customize via Mail Merge for each employee (Word Doc)


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