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LATEST UPDATE: Friday, March 13th

Over the past two and a half weeks, we have been talking with clients and their leaders about how best to get ready for business continuity in these uncertain times.  At the same time, we have finalized our own plans and worked with our staff to be in place and ready to work on whatever our clients need.  And we are ready!  Here’s the note we sent you today, confirming our availability and outlining our strategy.

You’re not in this alone.  As your IT partner and advisor, Nextrio can help make sure your team overcomes the technology challenges of working remotely so your operations can continue. In many cases, we’ve had remote work options in place at your company for years.  And many others are starting from the beginning.  Either way, it is never too late to get started on a solution – so give us a call and the Nextrio Remote Work SWAT Team will take it from there!

Here are a few steps to revisit (or get started on) in that planning process: 


Consider separate scenarios where some or all of your workers may be unable to come to your physical office to work. Establish and communicate policies about who should work from home and under which circumstances.

    • What if individual employees could not leave their home?
    • What if schools, daycare and other public institutions were closed?
    • What if your physical location had to close?

Establish the types of tasks that you expect to be performed in your business during this remote-work situation.

    • On a department-by-department and role-by-role basis, outline what is considered “essential”, “discretionary” and “non-essential” job duties
    • Ensure that staff understand any modifications or substitutions needed to perform all essential duties remotely.  

Get started with this Essential Job Functions template (Word Doc)


Close any gaps between your company’s IT hardware/software and the employee’s home office setup.

You may want to survey the employee’s current home office configuration to get the latest information about their ability to access company resources. 

You should also confirm any company-issued equipment is appropriately configured for remote working. 

There are lots of ways to access company information and systems, depending on your infrastructure.  Does your team know which of the following technologies are available to them:

    • Remote desktop/RD Gateway functionality which allows you to connect to a computer at the office from a computer in your home.
    • Terminal Server which allows you to connect to a virtual desktop at the office (or in the cloud) with access to all your applications and data.
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) that allows you to connect directly to your network and run applications as if you were in the office.
    • Web-based applications that run on any browser, regardless of where you are located.
    • Desk phones can forward to cell phones, roll all calls to voicemail, or make other phone system changes.

Check out our sample Home Office survey  (Survey Monkey)


Centralized Decision-Making

Communicate early and often!

    • The ability to work from home comes with commitments to availability, productivity and accountability.  Managers should define those with employees.
    • Talk with your employees about the technical expectations and tools required for their specific role as well as any changes to management/performance policies when working from home. 
    • Make sure staff are aware of the protocol for official communications, how group collaboration works and your customer communication requirements.

Modify this message template for your team (Word Doc)

Test out your plan before you absolutely need it!

    • Do a dry run for a half-day or over the weekend to ensure you can execute your plans without obstacles. 

Here’s a spreadsheet template to keep track of how each employee will work remotely (Excel file)

Here’s a sample letter you can customize via Mail Merge for each employee (Word Doc)


We want to hear from you!
Please feel free to reach out to our team with suggestions, questions or great ideas!

 *We recognize that first responders, healthcare providers and critical infrastructure utilities (like water, electricity and gas), have different obligations to public safety and their ability to shift operations to remote workers is quite limited.  Our comprehensive remote work plans for the Nextrio team ensure we will remain available to support you as you serve in your front line roles.

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