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LATEST UPDATE: Monday, May 11th, 2020

Reimagining Onsite IT Services

At Nextrio, we believe the delivery of IT services is at its core - a people business. That's why, as the business community reimagines our plans to go forward stronger, smarter, and more effective in this pandemic environment, the safety and security of our employees and clients comes first.

Though we never stopped delivering services throughout the lockdown, we did change our strategy for going onsite to execute them. It was necessary to get creative with our remote services and support, limiting our onsite work to urgent needs and first responders only. And boy did we get a lot accomplished with the help of great technology and a healthy dose of patience! We want to thank both clients and staff for their flexibility and tenacity as we kept businesses and people working remotely without "feeling remote."

The Path Forward

Now that businesses are contemplating a gradual transition to the "new normal," I want to share with you our continued commitment to your safety and that of the Nextrions on whom you rely. The increased availability of onsite services depends on appropriately training and equipping our team who opt to go onsite with the necessary protective personal gear to limit exposure and risk for both clients and staff.

The Nextrions who will deliver onsite services have all voluntarily opted-in to this specialty team.They have agreed to the parameters and policies discussed herein with the understanding that our clients will fully support this new way of doing business. We need your help to ensure that as time goes by, we don't dilute this safety protocol out of fatigue or a false sense of security. We're in this together!

Efficient and Effective Onsite Services

With federal and state policies as our guidelines, here's what you can do to help keep Nextrions safe while we are onsite:

  • Make a Plan. Expect a call from our team in advance of the appointment to confirm the exact details of the scope of work.
  • Wear the Gear. Our staff will wear masks and gloves during the entire appointment, and we welcome you to do the same (if that is your choice).¬† We will bring sanitizing supplies to clean surfaces Nextrions need to touch like keyboards, mice, or screens. We also recommend you use your own sanitizers for an extra cleaning when the engineer leaves. We will be limiting the number of clients we visit onsite each day to reduce the risk of cross-contamination.
  • Reduce Interactions. Limit the number of people the engineer interacts with when onsite. In many cases, we may just need entrance to the building or access to the server room. We are happy to meet you at side entrances and back doors to avoid the crowds. Although we usually love to hear "while you're here...." we will be focused and won't linger after the assigned tasks are complete.
  • Step Away from the Tech. If support is needed at an occupied desk or workstation, we will ask the user to step back from the workspace, providing a minimum of 6 feet of space between them and the engineer for their safety as well as ours. We regret that this is a deal-breaker for our team members, so non-compliance means we won't be able to complete the tasks at that workstation.
  • Rely on Mutual Communication. If someone on your team alerts you of a positive COVID-19 test or is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, please make us aware of that situation before our staff arrives onsite. You can let our dispatchers or technical account managers know and we'll advise the engineer of the circumstances. A managing partner will contact you to discuss the specifics and any alterations to the onsite plans. We have a limited number of engineers on the onsite delivery teams and are staggering their shifts to be able to ensure we send only healthy Nextrions into the field.

We know how important IT is to your business and we are rooting for your success! We want to support you as your team navigates this next phase of business and appreciate your flexibility and willingness to adopt these onsite measures.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to give us a call! On behalf of all the IT professionals at Nextrio, thank you from the bottom of our geeky hearts. We truly are grateful for such amazing clients.

With optimism,


Nextrio Blue Superhero